Titan Triggerfish perfect shot

The Titan Triggerfish, Giant Triggerfish, or Moustache Triggerfish is a large species of triggerfish found in lagoons and at reefs in most of the Indo-Pacific, though it is absent from Hawaii. With a length of up to 75 centimetres (30 in) it is the largest species of Triggerfish in its range (the Stone Triggerfish from the east Pacific is larger). The Titan Triggerfish feed on shellfish, urchins, crustaceans, and coral. They are the workers of the reef, often being busy turning over rocks, stirring up the sand and biting off pieces of branching coral. This is why one often sees other smaller fish species around it who feed from the leftovers. The Titan Triggerfish is usually wary of divers and snorkelers. Although bites are not venomous, the strong teeth can inflict serious injury that may require medical attention. The threat posture includes the triggerfish facing the intruder while holding its first dorsal spine erect. It may also roll onto its side, allowing it a better look at the intruder it perceives as threatening its nest. The Titan Triggerfish will not always bite, but can swim at snorkellers and divers escorting them out of their territory.